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    RAIN /reɪn/ (verb) - to give or administer abundantly

    • Synonyms: Grant, Furnish, Provide, Distribute

    How It Started

    Our journey began with a sisterly escapade to Santorini, Greece, where we discovered the empowering  fulfillment of wearing a flying dress. The sheer happiness and sense of self gratification we experienced during that unforgettable moment inspired the launch of RAIN. At RAIN, we believe that every woman deserves to enjoy the glamor of a flying dress, so we envisioned a boutique that transcends location boundaries by providing you the opportunity to capture unbelievable photos in a flying dress wherever you are.

    Why We Exist


    Our Mission

    Striving to empower women to embrace celebrating who they are, our mission is to offer exceptional dresses that collectively stands for the beauty of all women and their life's experiences. Through the timeless pictures captured of women in our dresses, we honor the individual beauty, strength, and unique life stories of every woman. Our exquisite dresses add a touch of luxury into unforgettable memories, treating each occasion as a precious milestone never to be forgotten. At the heart of our mission is the belief that every woman deserves to feel valued, seen, and celebrated as a victorious goddess, adorned in the picture perfect dress while honoring her life.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to ignite a global movement uniting women who embody strength, beauty, and love. In the face of any challenge, we believe in the limitless possibilities within our grasp and embrace the courage to manifest our deepest desires. Envisioning a world infused with love and compassion, we aspire to uplift one another, offer unwavering support, and collectively claim the abundance that awaits.

    We celebrate the strength, beauty, and unstoppable spirit of every woman, fostering a community where each one of us contributes to a tapestry of empowerment. Through shared resilience, we amplify our voices and stories, creating a world where women inspire and uplift, recognizing that together, we are unstoppable forces of positive change.

    How We Are Different

    At RAIN, we understand that not every moment calls for a journey to a specific location for a photoshoot. That's why we bring the glamorous experience of a flying dress to you, regardless of your travel destination or the purpose of your celebration. We embrace the spirit of joy, empowerment, and timeless elegance because every moment is a reason to celebrate in style. 

    RAIN is where the enchantment of flying dresses meets the blissfulness of celebrations, bringing to life the fairy tale dreams that reside in the little girl within all of us who loved playing dress up.

    Who We Are

    In the spirit of celebrations and the joy of life, we are outgoing and bold lovers of fashion. As your friendly and supportive experts, we offer insightful perspectives with the ultimate goal of witnessing our customers loving smiles. We're not just here to provide dresses, we're here to infuse every moment with style, joy, and the celebration of having fun.

    Representation Matters

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    At our core, we wholeheartedly celebrate the profound beauty found in diversity. We recognize the immense value in every body shape and nationality, understanding that compassion and the expression of happiness belong to everyone. We embrace inclusivity as a way to affirm that joy knows no boundaries.

    Because We Care

    Our Culture

    We are committed to continuous progress, dedicated to enhancing our services to meet and exceed your expectations. The journey of learning and improvement unfolds every day, ensuring that we consistently deliver the finest experience, just for you.