January 5

How To Choose The Perfect Dress Color

Flying dresses with Rain Flying Dress come in a variety of different vibrant, unique, and attention-grabbing colors that are sure to make your photo shoot experience memorable. Many of our clients have asked how to choose their flying dress color, so we’ve compiled a few tips right here on our blog to help you decide.

Tip One: Consider your location.

Depending on the landscape of the location you’ve chosen for your flying dress photo shoot, some colors may work better than others to create the best shot. Consider the colors of your landscape, and what colors may compliment it best.

Tip Two: Think about what colors you look best in.

Hair color, eye color, skin tone, and even tattoos can affect what colors you look best in, and what colors might not work for you. Think about the colors that dominate your wardrobe. For example, people with red hair often look much better in green than pink. People with tan skin look great in oranges and yellows. People who have pink undertones typically look great in pinks and whites.

Tip Three: Consider the lighting.

At certain times of day, and according to the weather, outdoor lighting can be very different. Certain colors catch certain types of light differently. Depending on the lighting, colors can even appear differently in photos than in real life. It is best to work with your photographer to determine the colors that may be “out” depending on the lighting at your chosen shoot time.

These are our top three tips for things to consider when choosing your perfect dress color. Work with your photographer, or contact us here at Rain Flying Dress for further suggestions, and photo examples of the dress colors we offer.





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