Return Policy


RAIN Flying Dress does not accept returns. Requests for exchanges for errors made by RAIN Flying Dress or damaged items, must be made within 3 business days of the delivery date. No credit to your account will be provided until your return is processed. The item(s) must be returned unused with tags on it. The customer is responsible for paying for the return shipping.

The returns are refunded via store credit in the form of a RAIN Flying Dress Egift code. Returns are processed within 5-7 business days after your item(s) are delivered to us.

Please be sure to consult the size chart on the item BEFORE checking out because exchanges will not be granted for errors made by the customer  when information is inaccurately entered when placing an order.

EXCHANGES will be subject to a processing fee of up to $15 per item. Please email in order to receive exchange instructions. Exchanges on limited release and exclusive items are not guaranteed. Exchanges only provided for items that are damaged or errors to an order caused by RAIN Flying Dress. Please fully ensure your order is correct BEFORE checking out.

Any return exceptions will be refunded via store credit in the form of a RAIN Flying Dress E-Gift Code. Credits are processed within 7-10 business days of your item(s) delivery to us. Exceptions are not guaranteed and are to the discretion of our leadership team based on inventory, current shipping times, and availability of limited release and exclusive items. Worn items are not eligible to be exchanged.

Order alterations generated by RAIN Flying Dress  will be accompanied by an email to the address used to place the order and refunded via E-gift Code, in the case of unavailable or canceled items.

RAIN Flying Dress are unable to add discount codes to orders after they have already been placed, and no more than one code can be used on a single order.


Orders may take up to 2-4 weeks to arrive. Many orders arrive sooner, depending on the immediate availability of ordered items. Currently, we do not offer expedited shipping.

We currently ship within the United States.

Shipping rates are flat for all domestic orders.

RAIN Flying Dress is not responsible for lost/stolen items. In the case of a lost/stolen package please contact the carrier directly. Once the order is in the possession of the carrier, we do not see it again. RAIN Flying Dress is unable to replace items lost by the post office or stolen free of charge. We will, however, do everything in our power to assist you.

Major holidays will also increase shipping time. Please be mindful that our staff does not work on these days as we feel they deserve to spend time with their families.

==> Please note that during sales & promotions, processing times may increase as order influx increases at those times. Please allow up to 5 business days to receive a response from customer service during this time. We strive to send orders out as quickly as possible and will notify you of any major delays.


Please take the time to read through this contract carefully. The details are very important. Be sure to pay close attention to the terms and conditions of this agreement.  By ordering on our site, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement by becoming a party to this agreement.

If you do not agree to any part of this agreement, do not place an order.

We reserve the right to change the terms of this agreement anytime in the future and any changes will apply to the rental of any products after the date of such change.

Rental Agreement:

Rain Flying Dress Rentals hereby leases for a specified period of time to the below named person (From Here On Known as Renter). The Renter hereby agrees to rent from Rain Flying Dress. The dress(es) described on the rental reservation form on the terms and conditions set forth herein for the time period indicated (Start Date and Time/End Date/Time). All dresses shall remain the property of Rain Flying Dress and must be returned upon demand

 Rain Flying Dress liability under this Rental Agreement shall in all cases, including without limitation, failure of delivery of the dress(es) be limited to the return of all sums paid by Renter to Rain Flying Dress on account of the rental provided herein.

Rental Basics:

All dress rentals will be either hourly or daily based on stipulations of the rental agreement. If the dress is rented at an event for an hourly time period, the dress is to be picked up and returned to the same location. If the dress is rented for several days, the dress must be shipped back to the specified location. Refunds are not given for dresses returned early.

Additional rental days are available upon request for an additional fee as specified on the item webpage. Reservations for daily rentals may not end on Sunday if the dress is being shipped back to a specified location.

Return date will be specified on rental instructions included with dress shipment/delivery.

Full dress rental fee must be paid prior to the dress being rented for both daily event rentals and shipped rentals.

Rain Flying Dress will not distribute any credit card information obtained from the Renter. Rain Flying Dress will  collect all payments via secure electronic capture in an effort to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Rain Flying Dress will not sell or attempt to sell any information collected from the Renter and will keep all account and reservation information confidential. We will provide individually identifiable information about our consumers to third parties only if we are compelled to do so by order of duly empowered governmental authority. We have express permission of the consumer or it is necessary to process transactions and provide our services.

The Renter agrees to the following:
Rental Basics:

All Renters must be at least 18 years of age. Parents may rent for their children.

For hygiene precautions, please wear underwear while wearing the dress(es).

  • Do not use body oils or lotions that have high oil content because these substances will stain the dress.
  • Avoid using tanning products as these products can damage the dress.
  • The dress(es) cannot be altered by the Renter, and the dress(es) must not be damaged upon return.
  • If the dress(es) is damaged (rips, stains from oils/tanning products, ,) or altered, additional fees will apply. These fees will include the full price of the dress.

Professional cleaning is included in the rental price and no additional cleaning charges will be assessed unless the dress is returned damaged or overly dirty.

Dresses may stain, transfer, or rub color onto your skin and/or clothing/undergarments when worn and Rain Flying Dress is not responsible for any such damages and will not compensate you for or replace such garments. The Renter uses the dress at the Renter’s own risk of potential damage to garments/skin.


All rental fees due from the Renter must be Paid in Full at the time of booking to hold the dress for Renter’s photoshoot. The dress(es) are not considered reserved until full payment is made and if payment is not received when booked, the dress will not be held for later payment. Therefore, if the dress becomes no longer available it is not Rain Flying Dress’s responsibility to replace the dress.

All dress(es) rentals must be paid for prior to use. Dress(es) used may not be returned for a refund. Dress(es) used without payment will result in forfeiture of deposit in addition to full rental fee charge.

Renter will pay for all shipping fees. Renter will return dress(es) via 2 day shipping using USPS Priority, FedEx 2 day, or UPS 2 day shipping. Insurance is recommended but not required. A late fee will apply to dresses received late due to use of ground shipping or shipping lte.


If the Renter does not return the dress or make additional payment due to late return of dress(es), then a collection process will transpire. You will be charged an additional$300 for not returning the item(s). You will also be prohibited from renting from RAIN Flying Dress in the future.

If the dress is damaged, you will be charged an additional $300 for the dress.


Any cancellation of a dress rental that is 7 days before shipping will result in a 25% cancellation fee. Any cancellation between 4 – 6 days prior to rental will result in a 50% cancellation fee.

There are no refunds for pop up/event cancellations.

There are no refunds or prorated refunds or credits of any type offered due to Renter not using or wearing the dress that has been provided.

Switching from a previously reserved dress to another available dress will result in a 25% charge plus the full price of the new dress. The dress can only be switched prior to shipping.


Dresses received earlier than the contracted date will not incur additional charges.

Renter will return/ship the dress(es) back to RAIN Flying Dress no later than the contracted date/time/location. The Renter is responsible for shipping the dress or returning the dress safely and undamaged to RAIN Flying Dress. When shipping the dress back to RAIN Flying Dress, the Renter must obtain a tracking number and provide it to RAIN Flying Dress via email at Renter is responsible for the safe return of the dress(es). Renter is responsible for loss/theft during return shipping and should insure the package if necessary.

Renter is responsible for return shipping charges at the carrier of their choice.

The renter is responsible for paying for 2 day shipping with a tracking method to ensure timely return.

Late Fees:

Dresses not returned within the 2 day shipping period or before the specified date on the contract, the Renter will be responsible for paying $50 per day until the dress(es) is returned which will be immediately charged to the Renter’s credit card. Late fees are strictly enforced.


Dress(es) not returned after 10 days will be charged the full purchase price of the rental dress, which will be determined as the price of the rental multiplied by15, or the posted purchase prices of the dress. Renters are responsible for the safety of the dress(es).

The Renter acknowledges that RAIN Flying Dress has not and does not make any representations or warranties of any kind, directly or indirectly expressed or implied including the suitability of the dress(es) or it’s fitness for any particular purpose, its condition and/or its quality and the Renter accepts all dresses as “As Is” condition. This applies to sales of dresses as well. The Renter is solely responsible for the safe care and timely return of the dress(es) in good condition, and Renter shall bear the entire risk of loss or damage to the dress(es).

The Renter agrees to all terms set forth by this agreement from RAIN Flying Dress. The renter agrees to comply with all the above statements including payment fees. These fees include dress rental, late payment, lost/damage to dress(es), loss/theft and/or late charges.

I agree to permit RAIN Flying Dress to charge my credit card to cover these costs/fees and any additional fees owed to Rain Flying Dress.

By creating an account or paying for a dress reservation or purchase or rental, the Renter agrees to all the terms and conditions of this agreement.