January 10

How to Get the Best Shots in Your Flying Dress

Rain Flying dress wants to make sure that you have the best experience possible during your photoshoot, so we have compiled a list of tips for how you can get the absolute best photographs possible during your flying dress session.

  1. Remember to relax. Some of the best photos taken of models are taken when the model is relaxed, or even “candid”, meaning that the photo is taken to make it appear that the model is entirely unaware of the photographer and the camera. While it is natural to be nervous during a photo shoot, try your best to relax your body on camera so that you flow as elegantly as the flying dress.
  2. Move freely. Some photographers will have suggestions for poses and movements that you can try to get the best shot and will direct you during the shoot. However, if you have ever watched a video of a professional model in action, you will notice that – while they do often strike specific poses to get a shot – they will also move their bodies consistently in front of the camera while the photographer fires off multiple shots at once. Moving around and trying out different movements or shapes with your hands, arms, and body will help to capture a natural looking, relaxed shot.
  3. Give yourself a break. While you want to get the most out of your time with your photographer, and your flying dress, don’t be afraid to take short breaks to refresh yourself, touch up your makeup, have a snack, and take a drink of water. This will help you stay refreshed and relaxed, all throughout your shoot.




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