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How To Book Our Traveling Flying Dresses For Your Photo Shoot

The process of booking a dress with us is simple. We travel around the United States to various places to provide beautiful flying dresses to our customers. Sign up to get notified where we’ll be on a particular day.

Pick Your Style & Color

Choose a dress from our luxurious collection.


Register for the available rental date and time.

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Book Your RFD Experience

Submit a request for a private event with RFD to celebrate your special day. Whether it be your birthday, engagement party, bridal shower, retirement, or wedding celebration, we can meet you and your party at a location near one of our specified destinations.

For details regarding specifics for your event, please contact us.

Discover Our Vibrant Palette

Ruby Red Flying Dress
Peach Perfection Rain Flying Dress
Peach Perfection
Lilac Luxe Rain Flying Dress
Lilac Luxe
Lush Emerald Rain Flying Dress
Lush Emerald
Cobalt Delight Rain Flying Dress
Cobalt Delight
Pure Ivory Rain Flying Dress
Pure Ivory
Chrome Couture Rain Flying Dress
Chrome Couture
Radient Yellow Rain Flying Dress
RadiAnt Yellow
Blushing Beauty Rain Flying Dress
Blushing Beauty
Midnight Black Rain Flying Dress
midnight black
Violet Vixen Rain Flying Dress
Violet Vixen
Cherry Blossom Rain Flying Dress
Cherry Blossom
Bronze Bliss Rain Flying Dress
Bronze Bliss
Amber Blaze Rain Flying Dress
Amber Blaze
Fuchsia Fantasy Rain Flying Dress
Fuchsia Fantasy
Aquamarine Oasis Rain Flying Dress
Aquamarine Oasis

Can’t find your desired color? Email us. Our collection is always expanding.

Browse Our Styles

Chole Rain Flying Dress
Anna Rain Flying Dress
Sheeba Rain Flying Dress
Aquamarine Oasis Rain Flying Dress
Isabella Rain Flying Dress
Margaret Rain Flying Dress
PEARL Rain Flying Dress

Our Main Locations

We have three main locations we travel to most frequently. Register with RFD to get location updates via email.

Gold Rain Flying Dress
Little Rock, AR

The city offers beautiful locations for flying dress photo shoots. While Little Rock looks beautiful in all seasons, the city is breathtakingly gorgeous during the fall season. This makes it a perfect destination for photo shoots.

If you live in Little Rock, or anywhere near the city, and want to book a flying dress with us, click on the button below to choose a dress, select a date and time of your choice, make the payment – and it’s done! A gorgeous dress will be waiting for you in Little Rock!

Pink Rain Flying Dress
Dana point, CA

Our team travels to Dana Point, so you can easily book a dress with us if you reside in or nearby the city.

One of the major reasons we chose Dana Point as one of our key traveling locations is its amazing photography locations. It is one of the most photogenic cities in America, perfect for snapping some stunning pictures in your flying dress.

Locations like Dana Point can act as an epic backdrop for your flying dress photo shoot at the beach.

Yellow Rain Flying Dress
orlando, fl

Orlando is the third major destination of our traveling flying dress company. There are several fantastic places in the city that you can choose from for a picture-perfect photo shoot. Add our stunning and unique flying dresses into the mix, and you’ll have unforgettable experience, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Want to have an amazing photo shoot in the flying dress of your dreams in Miami? We’ve got you covered!

Upcoming Locations

We might be coming to your area. If you don’t see an area near you, submit a request a visit your city – because everyone deserves a RAIN flying dress experience!

West Coast Region

Dana Point, CA
Laguna Beach, CA
Huntington Beach, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Hollywood, CA
San Diego, CA

Southern Region

Atlanta, GA
Orlando, FL
Little Rock, AR
Dallas, TX
Savannah, GA

Frequently Asked Questions

Although masks are not required, RAIN Flying Dress encourages customers to wear a mask at their own comfort level. RAIN Flying Dress assumes no responsibility of the spread of illnesses.

Do you provide the photographer?

RAIN Flying Dress only provides the flying dress. There are many superb photographers, and everyone has their unique requirements. Therefore, RAIN Flying Dress allows you to provide your own photographer to create the best flying dress experience for you.

Can We Take The Dress To A Different Location?

Yes. The flying dress can be taken  to a different location. However, you must return the dress to the pickup location on time to receive a full deposit refund.

If You Don’t Have The Color Of Flying Dress That I Want At The Location I Am At, Can I Order The Other Color Flying Dress That Are At Different Locations?

Unfortunately, due to selected inventory for each location based on customer demand, you can only order the flying dress colors that are available at your site location.

Is It Possible To Order Multiple Flying Dress Colors For Several People At A Time (Example: For My Engagement Party)?

Yes! You can order multiple colors and styles for your flying dress photo shoot. Just let us know which colors you will need at your selected time.

What Are The Best Times For The Photo Shoot?

Because we travel to various locations to get the best lighting for your flying dress photos, it is best to consider the temperature, sunrise, and sunset when scheduling your appointment. However, most clients enjoy their photo shoot experience between 7:00 am – 12:00 pm, and 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

Are The Flying Dresses For One Specific Size?

No! One dress design might fit small to medium individuals. Whereas another dress design might fit individuals who wear small to large clothing. Therefore, please verify that the selected dress fits your body type.

What Is The Process For Scheduling A Flying Dress Experience With Rain?

1. Choose your location preference.
2. Identify the flying dress color and style that you would like to wear.
3. Pick the time that you would like to enjoy your flying dress experience.
4. Book your flying dress appointment – but please pay attention to the time and location.
5. Arrive on time at the location to enjoy the elegance of RAIN flying dress!
Reminder: Be sure to contact the photographer of your choice. Some customers simply choose to use their smartphone to capture the moment. The choice is yours.

Does Rain Provide A Place To Change Into An Elegant Flying Dress?

Yes. RAIN provides privacy for dress changing at each location.

What If I Change My Mind About The Color Of The Flying Dress That I Would Like Or The Style I Want? Would Rain Be Able To Accommodate Me?

Although RAIN makes every effort to ensure each valued customer receives the dress that they desire, we cannot guarantee your flying dress style in another color once you place your order. Therefore, please make sure you select the color and design that highlights your beauty.

If My Friend And I Want To Share The Same Flying Dress, Is This Permissible?

Due to the health and safety of our clients, each flying dress is rented out to one customer per day. Therefore, individuals may not share a flying dress.