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Rain Flying Dress Eve

Why You’ll Love our Flying Dress Eve

  • Handmade
  • Style: Off the shoulder with one ruffle
  • Size: Up to size 18
  • Train length: 15 ft
  • Side slit: Begins 10 inches below the seam line of the waist.
  • Material: High quality Satin


Let all your cares float away while wearing our Flying Dress Eve. Lightweight satin fabric shapes this fun flying dress with a gathered waist for a secure fit and a breezy train that is sure to capture the fun of your flying dress photo shoot. The exaggerated side slit completes the look. If you're looking for a showstopper ensemble for your photo shoot, our brightly-hued flying dress will not disappoint. The flow of the train elevates the wow factor of our stunning flying dress for a photo shoot full of light and love. Finish the look with a layer of colorful jewelry to add an additional element of pop!

Other Vibrant Colors

Rain Flying Dress Eve Yellow
Ruby Red

Yellow color signifies happiness, energy, joy, hope, optimism, and friendship.

Rain Flying Dress Eve Yellow
Ruby Red

Light purple color signifies light-hearted, nobility, romance, and affection. 

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