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Chloe Dress


A knockout like our black Flying Dress Chloe commands attention. Stunning silk sweeps across a bodice, and a high-banded waist supports the two adjustable and elaborate straps. The dress can be worn in a variety of styles to fit your wonderful personality.

The flying dress skirt delivers extra sexiness thanks to alluring dual side slits that peek through, complimented by a romantic train. If you’re looking for a flying dress that is stunning and timeless for your next photoshoot, our elegant flying dress will provide breathtaking photos to celebrate the essence of you. This flying dress will heighten the experience of a backdrop sure to please.

Other Vibrant Colors

RAIN Flying Dress Chloe red
Ruby Red

Signifies love, courage, vigor, and vibrance.

RAIN Flying Dress Chloe eggplant
Ruby Red

Signifies freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity. 

RAIN Flying Dress Chloe emerald
Ruby Red

Signifies renewal, health, nature, and new beginnings.

RAIN Flying Dress Chloe gold
Ruby Red

Signifies generosity, compassion, success, and affluence.

RAIN Flying Dress Chloe pink
Ruby Red

Signifies nurturing, playful, kind, and sensitive.

RAIN Flying Dress Chloe silver
Ruby Red

Signifies elegance, glamour, wealth, grace, and elegance.

RAIN Flying Dress Chloe white
Ruby Red

Signifies simplicity, purity, goodness, and cleanliness.

RAIN Flying Dress Chloe yellow
Ruby Red

Signifies happiness, energy, joy, hope, optimism, and friendship.

RAIN Flying Dress Chloe black
Ruby Red

Signifies mystery, power, elegance, and sophistication.

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