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    January 24, 2024 1 min read

    RAIN, a brand born from the empowering fulfillment of wearing flying dresses, traces its roots to a sisterly escapade in Santorini, Greece. Inspired by the joy and self gratification experienced during that moment, RAIN's mission is to provide every woman the opportunity to capture unbelievable photos in a flying dress, transcending location boundaries. The brand empowers women with exquisite dresses, celebrating individual beauty, strength, and love stories.

    When thinking about a flying dress pictorial, finding the right dress is non-negotiable. The shoot centers around a fabulous dress photographed in dramatic fashion. Key characteristics include body positivity, choosing a dress that complements one's unique shape; prioritizing comfort for a distraction-free day; conceptualizing the shoot to reflect location and vibe; considering color harmony with skin tone and hair color; and embracing uniqueness, steering clear of trends and comparisons.

    RAIN, as outgoing and bold lovers of fashion, sees itself not just as a provider of dresses but as friendly and supportive experts, infusing every moment with style, joy, and the celebration of having fun. The brand emphasizes diversity, equity, and inclusion, celebrating the beauty found in every body shape and nationality. Committed to continuous progress, RAIN aims to enhance its services to consistently deliver the finest experience for its customers.

    In summary, RAIN is more than a brand; it's a celebration of individuality and joy through flying dresses. The articles highlight the brand's origin, mission, commitment to inclusivity, and the importance of choosing the perfect dress for a pictorial. It's a journey that goes beyond fashion, embracing empowerment, diversity, and the creation of timeless moments.